Verified Reviews for BeautyLounge

"Who else has noticed that all the hair looks the same in this town? Well, you can stop complaining that you can't get a fabulous "metropolis" haircut in this town. I am the first to admit that I am a tad spoiled having grown up in a family who is in the hair industry. Regardless, who doesn't want a hot cut? If you are looking for something fresh, then you must meet Serena at The Beauty Lounge of Five Points. From the moment you walk through the door, you feel at home and totally cozy. You won't find any attitudes in this place just a warm welcome and a ton of knowledge and experience. An amazing listener, Serena takes great care with her consultation. The dry cut technique she performs is not just hype. It's the real deal. Simply put, I walked out of The Beauty Lounge with an amazing cut that is pure sophistication with a modern edge. What a refreshing experience!"

- Staci Cloninger

"Serena rocks a curly girl dry cut AND knows her color. Often you cannot find both in one artist. People don't remember me - they remember my hair. No kidding. Best advice? Ditch what you (think) you know you want - go in, and give her free reign. Best thing you'll ever do. Budget an issue? She gets that - be up front and she'll give you sensible options."

- C.S.

"It is difficult to find a colorist that understands my hair "really" does pull red when I say I want a natural bright beige blonde- NOT strawberry, orange, rust or golden. JUST Pure Blond. Serena not only listened; she did an amazing job! Serena even used a formula to color my hair that was natural without harsh chemicals. What an extra plus to this fantastic service. AND, an unbelievable talent with placing individual eyelashes and Yves provided one of the most attractive manicures I've ever witnessed, brought me a cup of hot tea during my service. The hospitality and genuine care of this amazing hair studio is so worth the visit. One visit you will be hooked as I am. You will go in feeling fine or a little down, who knows; but I am willing to bet you will leave feeling like a celebrity...I did. Thank you Serena, to you and your amazing staff, everyone deserves to hear about you and your amazing talent in color, celebrity hair styles and makeovers."

- Celeste L.

"I just went back for my third keratin treatment with Serena. I just unexpectedly stopped in to say hello and while there I decided to ask if she had time to cut, color and/or do a keratin treatment for me. She was planning on leaving very soon after I got there, BUT without hesitation, Serena said she would do all 3 for me!! Not only have I found a fabulous stylist, I have a great new friend! 

- Barbara D.

"I've been to The Beauty Lounge twice now for myself, and once with my young daughter.The first time I went was because I had purchased their keratin treatment online deal. The keratin treatment that Serena uses is far better than the others I've had in the past. My eyes didn't sting, and the smell was great. After straightening, Serena did a perfect "Vera Wang" cut on me. I do have to say it was the best cut I'd had in years! My hair was extremely long, and stylists in the area had always felt the need to cut layers into it, and do something "creative". It never really worked out, and it made me want to go back to New York just for haircuts! Serena understood and did just what my hair needed, sculpting a perfect line in the back and a precision angle in the front. I recently went back for my second visit and Serena cut 10 inches off for donation to Locks of Love. I hadn't had my hair cut that short in years and was nervous about it, but Serena made it so easy, and the cut, again, was perfection! Serena really takes a lot of time with each client, so if you have to wait a little while to be taken care of, just know that she will spend extra time with you just as she had done for the client before you. The Beauty Lounge is truly a hidden gem!"

- Linda Salant

"Serena made me love  LOVE   L O V E  my curls... for the first time EVER! 

Highly recommend her. AMAZING nails today too with her daughter Yves!

Got a FABULOUS new dress to go with my new tresses, and Ive never been happier...  BeautyLounge is kinda hidden in the neighborhood, but it's a  head to toe PRIVATE makeover boutique... Best "personal" service, like they were there for me only today. They even took notes of my dress size, preferred color and styles to keep me informed of future arrivals as I have requested. Soft Parisienne lounge music, Hollywood style nail bar and a comfy private pedi suite! 


- Jilian Marshall

"This was my second visit to Serena and I have to say- she is awesome! She knows what she is doing and pays attention to what I want while still giving me what is best for my hair. I have long thick hair and have been searching for a regular stylist for 10 years and I finally found her! The salon is adorable and her taste in all things fashion and beauty is impeccable."

- J.T.

"I absolutely love Beauty Lounge! I followed my hairdresser there right when the shop was opening a few years ago, and though my hairdresser no longer cuts hair, I stayed with the shop. I drive over forty-five minutes just to get there because the staff is so helpful and friendly, and I've received amazing service with my cuts, nails, and treatments. Serena truly puts everything she has into that shop, and you can feel her heart there! I highly recommend the shop to anyone!"

- Anna Shepherd  

"I have curly hair and so have to be very particular about who cuts it. Most hair-cutting folks I've been to wanted to wash it, comb it out and cut it while it was wet and that just doesn't work for curly hair if you actually want to wear it curly (which I do). Serena didn't try to wash it, comb it, blow dry it, etc; she cut it dry and the cut was perfect. In addition, she's very friendly and accommodating. I'd recommend her to anyone with curly hair with absolutely no hesitation. I won't go anywhere else to get my hair cut."

                                         - Sheri S.

"I just had my first appointment with Serena and was so pleased. I have long hair and do not get my hair trimmed as much as I should, and it is always a dogfight with stylists who want to chop off 1-2 inches. Serena actually listened to me and I was so pleased that she did not cut off too much. I will absolutely go back to her. She truly loves what she does and it shows. A++++!"

- Susan W.

"Who knew my hair could look THIS amazing? When she turned me around to see in the mirror, I was like "Wow! WOMAN! What kind of MAGIC do you WEAVE?!?" Five stars for her relaxed and thorough consult in a dreamy Paris style atmosphere, that led to the finest keratin, color and cut Ive ever had. Im impressed. Period."

- Elizabeth Vaughn

"Serena is the only person who I trust to style and color my hair. She is amazingly talented.  Her new salon is so cute and stylish, right in Five Points.  The new private pedicure suite is lovely, too! Highly recommend!"

- Sharon E.

"Unbelievable! Amazing! One of a kind! The most talented Artistic Hair Designer I have ever been fortunate enough to have my hair designed by far!That in its' self is amazing enough for me, but Serena took it another step further. I had been looking for so long to find a Hair Designer that got it...understood...was a true artist when it came to being able to hear what I had to say about the highlights I was describing...Serena did get it. When Serena turned me around in my chair to look in the mirror and I saw the sunkissed natural looking strands of blond throughout, so beautifully blended, I had a smile from here to there but tears of joy as well. I can't begin to tell you how long I had been praying for the right look. Serena knew exactly what to do and wow was she right on. 

The Beauty Lounge is this hidden GEM of a beauty studio- with privacy, and serenity.

Serena has two highly trained, under her direct supervision, interns to work on Serena's special "Celebrity- feel" clientel that ensures each is taken care of (with her) as quickly as feasible and yet the client experiences what many celebrities experience often... more than one stylist working on their hair, nails and/or makeup at once! Wow.

You simply can not find this level of personal service anywhere in NC.

- Terilyn D'Marsi- 5 Stars

"I have curly hair and never felt happy with it... until I found Serena.  She knows how to bring out the absolute best in my curls.  I used to keep my hair short, but now it's grown past my shoulders and easy to care for, and I get complements all the time.  How do you thank a woman who helps you love your hair for the first time in your life?  She also cut my kids' (non-curly) hair, and theirs looks fantastic.  There's not another stylist in the area who compares, and I've lived here for 25 years."

- Ruth Jordan

"Serena KNOWS hair design. When she is hi-lighting my hair ,she takes my skin tone and eye color into consideration when deciding the exact color of the highlights. When cutting my hair she considers my hair type, curl amount, facial features and styling ability. Then end result always makes me very happy. AND... I really CAN do it myself just as easy & as beautiful as she did!... That's a FIRST :-)
Thanks Serena! I'm so glad I found Beauty Lounge."

 - Terri R.

 "I just recently went to the Beauty Lounge for a haircut and color with Serena. Gorgeous color and my haircut is amazing! I have a lot of hair that tends to get "big" very easily if not cut right. I have tried many different stylists in the area & my haircut has never been just right. Well this time it worked out to be amazing! My hair is sleek and the color is just exactly how I wanted. I would definitely recommend Serena!

- Veronica Franks

"Absolutely the best cut I've ever had for my curly hair and really love the keratin treatment that gives me a bit of shine and hydrates my poor dry hair. Serena is attentive and focused on customer service and I trust her completely. The best thing you could do for yourself - don't go in with a preconceived notion of what you want. Let her design a cut for you."

- A.S.

"Serena is AMAZING!!! She really listens to her clients to create hairstyles that fit their lifestyle. She's like an artist. You can tell she really, truly loves doing hair and loves making her clients feel great about themselves. Her shop is just adorable and has such a great atmosphere. I feel like I get celebrity treatment from her attentive staff.  I'll never go anywhere else!!!"

- S. Lyle

"I got the BEST hair extensions and GREATEST lash extensions from the owner Serena!  Fashionable lady.

She customizes the extensions to blend in 3-5 different shades for perfectly natural effect.  I've been getting extensions for years and NEVER seen anyone do this. You  just can't imagine the incredible lift it gives me to see the difference. It's like time stood still the last 20 YEARS!!!  LOVE IT. Compliments every day. My feet still aren't on the ground. I will  definitely be back. Highly recommend letting her fly with her ideas!!! Thanks again!"

- D. Wainwright

"My experience with Serena at Beauty Lounge was fantastic! She was extremely knowledgeable and her suggestions were appreciated.  You can tell that she knows what she is doing.  I will definitely be back.  The nail tech had fun ideas, too. I was so pleased with my hair.  Classy salon and full of style!"

- Harriett T.

"Serena can style any type of hair but curly hair is where she shines! Due to my curls, I had been told for years I could never wear my hair long because it would become to out of control. But Serena disagreed. We grew it out 8 inches! For the first time, I receive compliments from total strangers on how beautiful my hair looks.  

Make an appointment, put your hair in Serena's hands, and let her do whatever she wants.  You'll be hooked for life!"

- Cathy Spargo