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New York Dry Haircut Method
Blonde woman with curly hair modeling a New York Dry Haircut.

Have you ever had your hair cut wet then it dried much shorter than expected?

No water weight = freely moving hair w/ exact length & shape.

Dry Cutting Hair allows modern hair designers to easily see true length, weight, fullness, curls/waves, direction hair grows and movement to customize your cut like NEVER BEFORE!

Much more than just cutting hair dry, this modern method offers "Old World Artisan" approach with freestyle texturing, sculpting and carving techniques.


Our expert  has developed her own original dry cut techniques for all hair textures and is certified in New York Dry Haircut Technique! Blended beautiful straight layers... or AMAZING curly girl results!


Spiral layering, scissorhands texturing, curly girl diamond grid, flying razor and  block shock edges...

Disadvantages to Wet Cutting:

  • hair is heavy laden with excessive water weight

  • hair diameter is over expanded

  • hair length is elongated

  • hair wave/curl pattern is distorted or completely hidden 

  • hair movement is nominal because hair sags too heavy

  • hair is drying unevenly, even during the wet cut process


Simply put, wet cutting make it impossible to see the true shape, length, width, volume, body, texture, curl/wave, growth direction/pattern and movement of the hair.


We wear it dry. So why not cut it dry? Our expert was trained in Europe, where they have never cut it wet. She was delighted to see dry cutting showcased on the New York International Platform. Believing in shaping your tresses while  in it's natural state, she has perfected the artisan skill of scupltural dry cutting. 

NOTE: Best to arrive with clean dry hair in it's natural state.


Post New York Dry Cut, indulge in your choice of a complimentary lather and blowout or a complimentary 'jet set' hot tool finish with various curling/waving/flat irons, for a look that is magazine ready!

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MAXIMUM volume. ZERO damage. Ask how.

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