NOTE: Many fees are 'and up' due to length/density.
Blonde woman with an asymmetrical bob.

New York Dry Haircut Only

New York Dry Haircut & Style

Lather, Blow & Go

Hot Iron Styling

Hair Extensions Consult

Organic Zero Peroxide Color

Organic Zero Peroxide Color w/Cut

Ombre/Stonewashed Color

Ombre/Stonewashed Color w/Cut

Foil Highlights

Foil Highlights w/ Cut

Montage Handpainted Highlights

Montage Highlights w/Cut

Beachwaves Body Wave Perm

Rich Repair Hydrating Treatment

High Gloss Glaze

Keratin Treatment 

Blushing Bride Hair Design

Bridesmaids Design

Red Carpet Ready Event Updo



$45 & up



$125 & up

$165 & up

$175 & up

$215 & up

$125 & up

$185 & up

$150 & up 

$195 & up

$215 & up



$250 & up

$125 & up



Luxury Hair Extensions 

Premium ultra high quality naturally silky hair

Liberate yourself from the prison of difficult hair. Modern options for your  new locks are limited ONLY by imagination! Your hair CAN be your crowning glory.

Quotes for different extension techniques, amount of hair & length upon initial consult. Consult fee is $25 which is credited toward your paid extension service. 

the Waterfall cut. 
a Serena original spiral layering technique encouraging twist of wave pattern by slicing delicately into the concave side of the wave's "C" shape. Inspired by nature, the hair waves are directed to freely cascade forward and behind shoulders emulating flow of a rushing stream. 
A brunette woman with a free-falling, waterfall haircut.
A brunette woman with a waterfall haircut that freely falls behind her shoulders.
A brunette woman with a spiral layered waterfall haircut.

- Veronica

the RockStar cut. 

 A Serena original fallen halo layering technique based upon a five pointed star section of layers in lower crown only.

A scattering of layers increases volume for fine hair creating a vertical 'bounce' with every step. 2/3 of hair is block cut to fortify perimeter increasing fullness on the bottom of fine hair with every cut. Say 'no' to long thin 'scraggly' ends. Is that a professional industry term? Don't laugh- bet you knew just what that looks like!

A brunette woman with an original rockstar haircut with bounce.
A brunette woman with a rockstar haircut with scattered layers.
A brunette woman with a rockstar haircut done by Serena.

- Natalie

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