Serena your stylista, 

is an expert in New York Dry Hair Cutting,

in NEW beaded row Hair Extensions  and   creates the most natural looking colour depth & lightplay as a Hair Color Master.  

  Y ou will   LOVE 

 this modern artsy salon 

 with organic beauty services

  for Raleigh...

 Glorious hair color, highlights,   ombre, shadow root, keratin and

  New York Dry hair cutting.

  Raleigh's best hair extensions       offering  fusion, microlinks

 or the new beaded row method   known  as "NBR".



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New York 
Dry Haircut
    Luxury NBR Hair Extensions
       BEFORE       &      AFTER
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"I have crazy curly hair. I had a New York Dry Cut (having had the Aveda signature cut for years) and color done and I could not have been happier!!! Not only did I have a great time while I was there but my hair has never looked better :)

Serena took the time with me to make sure I was going to end up with a style/color that I love and that I can maintain. I would recommend the Beauty Lounge to friends, co-workers, anyone really."

- Lauren Brown 

"I came to see Serena just before picking up a dear friend I haven't seen in years at the airport. She walked right up to me & instead of greeting me in the usual, "Hi. It's so good to see you," she said, "Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!"  I book six appts in advance." 

- Barbara Delmont 

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"5 STARS!!! As a scientist in a lab, I  decided to 'test' the keratin treatment...

I did my microscopic before/after hair observation, for the second time. The before the treatment, my hair had frayed and broken edges all along the length of the hair. After the keratin treatment, the cuticle surface is smooth, with NO fraying. AMAZING. I love the way my hair shines and is not frizzy, with little broken hairs sticking out all over. And Serena uses organic keratin, with NO formaldehyde, which is very important to me.

- Rosemary Kaveh


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